How Do You Know If Your Brand New Garage Door Is Upright in Houston?

A new garage door can be difficult to install as it must align with the track and spring of the existing garage door. New doors may not open or close all the way, work poorly, or do not move at all. These problems are often caused by shims of improper thickness in place for leveling purposes.

The Doors May Not Open Or Close All The Way

If your new garage door is not going up or down all the way, then there may be a problem with the track. In some cases, it can simply mean that you need to adjust the hinges on the back of the door. However, if the gap along the top or bottom of your new garage door increases or decreases while raising or lowering the door, then the track may be out of alignment.

To determine whether the garage door tracks are misaligned, close the garage door then open it back up. Check to see if the garage door is level or resting at an angle once it reaches the top of the arc. If there is a gap between your garage door and garage floor, then your garage doors tracks are misaligned. An inch of the gap is generally tolerable, as garage door tracks typically sag over time. However, a greater gap may indicate serious damage to your garage door.

To solve this problem, you will need to adjust the screws on the track that attach to garage door hinges until the garage doors are level. You should ensure that each screw has a washer and locknut underneath it. For high-quality garage doors from All Door Systems in Houston, Texas, there is no adjustment necessary at all! They come preadjusted from the factory so they open and close perfectly every time.

The Doors Work Poorly Or Do Not Move At All

If your garage door moves slowly or does not move at all after installation, then there is likely an obstruction within one of the garage door springs. garage door springs can be easily blocked by a piece of metal or wood. To determine if this is the case, open and close the garage door several times. If the garage door moves slowly after repeated attempts or fails to move at all, then there is an obstruction in the garage door spring.

To remove the obstruction, garage door springs must be taken offline. Garage door springs can be easily released by releasing garage door torsion bar bolts. Once the garage doors are disconnected, garage door springs can be removed by pulling them down and away from the drums. garage spring drums should be inspected for any damage or rust that may interfere with garage door movement before reinstalling garage door springs.

The Garage Door May Be Out Of Alignment

Sometimes after installation, garage doors may not open or close all the way due to an imperfect installation of frame components such as tracks and hangers. Although most manufacturers of garage doors supply shims for leveling purposes, if too many shims are used on each side of your garage doors track, the garage door will be unable to move freely. If your garage door is not opening or closing all the way, it may be because the garage door frame is not perfectly aligned. Garage door tracks may need to be adjusted for garage doors to operate correctly.

To adjust garage door tracks, the garage door torsion spring must first be released and the garage door drums removed. Be sure garage springs are offline before making any adjustments to garage door track brackets. To make the needed adjustment, loosen garage track bolts just enough so that garage door movements can be made easily. Find the desired position for your garage doors as they open and close as well as where you would like them when fully open or closed. Mark these positions with chalk before removing all of the bolts from garage track brackets. Tighten or loosen each bolt accordingly and reinstall drums and springs after adjusting garage doors movement is complete.


The Garage Door Does Not Seal Well At The Bottom

If you garage door does not close all the way and there is a noticeable space at the bottom of the garage door, then the garage door seal needs to be replaced. garage door seals are very important for garage doors because they keep out weather and pests. garage door seals can be easily replaced by following these simple steps:

-remove the screws that hold the garage door seal in place

-push the garage door seal out of its track

-replace with a new garage door seal

-reinstall screws that hold the garage door seal in place

The Garage Door Is Making Too Much Noise

If your garage door makes too much noise when it opens or closes, there may be something wrong the rollers or hinges. To determine if this is the case, open and close garage door several times. If the garage door makes more noise after repeated attempts, then garage door rollers or hinges may need to be lubricated.

To lubricate garage door rollers or hinges, remove the screws that hold the roller or hinge in place. Be sure to have a can of garage door lubricant on hand before beginning this process. Apply garage door lubricant to the roller or hinge and replace screws. Test garage door movement to ensure that the noise has been eliminated.

New garage door

The Garage Door Is Sticking

If your garage door is sticking in one spot, it may be because the garage door track needs to be cleaned. To clean garage door tracks, first, remove all obstructions from garage door tracks including garage door rollers. garage door tracks can be cleaned by spraying with water and garage door cleaning solution while garage doors are closed. Let the garage doors remain closed for one hour before opening the garage doors to dry completely. After washing, check all garage door hardware for damage before reinstalling garage door rollers.

The Garage Door Is Noisy

If your garage is making noise when it opens or closes, this may indicate that there is something obstructing its movement. Remove any items that may be located under the garage door such as boxes or lawn chairs to see if this corrects the problem of noisy garage doors opening or closing. If not, examine the walls around the area where your garage is located particularly near the place where the garage door meets the wall. If you find that the wall is wet, this may be the reason for your garage door noise. To fix this problem, dry the wall completely and see if the garage door noise has been eliminated.

If none of these solutions work, it may be time to call in a garage door repair technician to examine your garage door and determine the source of the problem. garage doors are very important for homeowners and should be kept in good condition at all times. By following these simple tips, you can keep your garage door functioning properly and ensure that your home is safe and sound.

When To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Your home’s security and convenience are important and you may wonder when the best time to replace your old, outdated garage door opener is. If you’ve been using the same opener for over 10 years, it may be time for an upgrade. Not only do newer openers provide more security, they are also more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. garage door openers, just like garage doors, should be kept in good shape at all times to ensure the safety of your home and garage.

If you notice that your garage door opener is making strange noises or not working properly, it may be time for an upgrade. garage door opener replacement is a quick procedure that can typically be done in one day depending on the type of garage door opener you currently have installed. In less than a day, you will have a garage with added security and convenience.

How Professionals in Houston Check Garage Door Cables

When garage door cables snap, your garage door is no longer safe. garage door cables need to be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear. garage doors that are not properly cared for can result in garage door cable failure which can place you and your family at risk. If you want to ensure the safety of your garage, it is vital that you check garage door cables on a regular basis. One way to make sure that there aren’t any problems with garage door cables is by hiring a professional in Houston to do an inspection.

A trained technician will make sure your garage is kept in good condition at all times and will tell you when it’s time to replace broken or worn-out such as garage door cables or garage door rollers. garage door cables can be replaced relatively easily, so there is no reason to wait until they break before getting them fixed.